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R36S - RetroGlide Pocket Arcade

R36S - RetroGlide Pocket Arcade

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The Updated Open Source R36S Retro Handheld Video Game Console, the ultimate gaming experience for gamers
on-the-go! With a 3.5 inch big screen and 64GB storage capacity, this handheld game player is the perfect device for
entertainment on the road. The IPS screen not only ensures that the picture quality is outstanding, but also provides
a wide viewing angle. Plus, the Linux system ensures smooth gaming performance and allows for easy customization!

Upgrade L/R button
The back of the real spring four-plate L/R keys.
Combined with delicate curvature and grip craft design.

Long Battery Life
Built in 2900mah polymer battery, Detachable for a more intuitive view of battery status. The battery adopts bidirectional
protection, making charging/discharging safer, You can play for 4 hours when fully charged at once.

Support 21 Emulator for 15000+ Games

Professional RK3326 Chip
Professional gaming chip RK3326, 1.5ghz, 64 bits. Can easily run large 2d and some 3d games.

HD Screen
3.5-inch full lamination color screen
High resolution:680*480
Clear picture quality, delicate and soft colors
Reduce eye fatigue for long time gaming.

OTG to interface, through the adapter cable, can synchronize the output of large screen.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 96 reviews
Yvonne Klocko

Arrived well packed. The product is as described. The screen is perfect. Is working normally without problems. Just one
Small detail on the button to where the painting is not 100%. But it does not hinder fun at all because it is just an aesthetic detail.

Rhoda Daugherty

nice seller item packed very well no damage and very fast to arrive hir in saudi 👍👍👍

Dalton Marquardt

It came to me quickly, for now everything is fine

Harmon Stark

It arrived a week before the agreed... in excellent condition... and well packed. .. The box in very perfect condition like the console, I recommend it to the 100% I am from CDMX and was satisfied with the purchase .. thank you very much

Daphney Moore

Very good, arrived fast and well packed. Everything working perfectly. Very good purchase.