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Portable Air Cooler Fan

Portable Air Cooler Fan

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Feeling worn out from the relentless summer heat? Look no further! Our 3-In-1 Ice Mist Portable Air Cooler steps in to save the day, offering a reprieve from those unbearable temperatures. No matter if you're relaxing at home, hustling in the office, or out and about enjoying the great outdoors, this sleek and potent cooler delivers instant relief, effortlessly transforming sweltering days into delightful experiences.
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Tech Spec

Product Name : Air Cooler Fan

Product Size : 21cm X 9cm X 26cm

Weight : 685g (without water)

Power : 10W Max

Voltage : 5V

Electric Current : 2A Max

Blowing Distance : 2.5m Max

Plug : Type-C USB Plug

Max Water Filled : 600ml

Volume Of Mist : 225ml / h Max

Time of Mist : 2.5h - 12h


Average transit times 7 - 14 Business days


Instant & Powerful Cooling

Our cooler offers rapid and effective cooling, providing relief from hot temperatures in a short time span. It's ideal for creating a comfortable environment during warm weather or in spaces without air conditioning.


3-In-1 Multifunctionality

Our cooler combines cooling, humidifying, and 7-color light adjustment features in a compact design. It's a versatile solution for enhancing comfort and ambiance in any space, offering convenience and efficiency in one device.


Energy-Efficient Operation

Our cooler is designed for energy efficiency, ensuring that you can enjoy cool comfort without worrying about high energy bills. It's an eco-friendly option that helps conserve energy while keeping you cool.

Customer Reviews

Based on 100 reviews
Winfield Maggio

The material does not have much quality, but for its price it is not bad, it works with cable alone.

Isaac Ritchie

It does not ventilate strong but it is very refreshing when it uses with water. If not put water use is useless, very weak and small fan. But in general with water it is worth mainly for use close to the body as in an office table.

Novella Wunsch

Product arrived in perfect condition and working.

Wilfred Schmidt

Perfect loved more

Karelle Stroman

Arrived fast! It is working perfectly all the functions, the humidifier is better than the fan, it works well, already the wind, not too strong! Logical that for the size of the equipment is not expected a strong wind, but it not as strong as the advertisement says, but also not weak. But it's very silence! Even using the function of humidifying (which is the most noisy) is still silent! I already bought one of these mini fan that was very noisy. But that one's really quiet.